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New Single  SELF LOVE

CandiceJ Limitless 

-  Love You & Be Limitless  -

       Drawn by her mesmerizing distinctive vocals, this R&B singer-songwriter and recording artist takes control of your ears and stimulates your mind. This musical siren brings a natural euphoric aura to her music that makes you crave more of her voice and positive energy. Her versatile sound and style of music can be described as the perfect mix of smooth R&B with vibrant Pop vibes.


         CandiceJ Limitless is more than a recording artist, she is THE "Love You & Be Limitless" brand.  She creates music to help women learn to love self and be the confidently, unapologetically, limitless version of themselves so they can live a fulfilled life they are proud of using their unique talents/skills. This artist is blazing a trail leaving confident and empowered women in her wake.

This Limitless Woman is the host of her own podcast "Love You & Be Limitless" where she gives advice/inspiration based off her own personal life experiences. The limitless doesn't stop there, she is the author and self-publisher of "Love You & Be Limitless: 21 days to loving you and boosting self-confidence."  CandiceJ Limitless has proved she is a powerful force of nature and we can't wait to see more of what she has in store! The world has been waiting for her and we are finally here for it all! Now, we just have one question.

Are you rocking limitless?



By: CandiceJ Limitless

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