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Born and raised in the small town of Blakely, GA, CandiceJ Limitless became aware of her vocal talent at an early age. After her parents learned she could sing, they had her join their local church youth choir where she immediately fell in love with singing. Outside of church, this limitless vocalist spent time admiring musical artists from: Prince, Chaka Khan, Whitney Houston, Mya, Mariah Carey, Aaliyah, Destiny's Child and Alicia Keys. As a young teenager, she would watch the Grammy's while secretly wishing she could be like the singers performing on stage. She always kept a glimmer of hope that she would be able to one day live her dream of being a successful internationally known singer/song-writer and recording artist who could inspire people with her singing.


Finally, an opportunity arose for her to get into a recording booth while she was in high school.

 She laid down the hook vocals for "Tallapoosa Lane" and "I'm So All Alone" for the group Disorderly Conduct. After hearing the limitless singer's voice on the radio, she attracted the attention of a producer from Universal Records. Being torn between expectations of her finishing college and being told singing wasn't a real profession, she continued furthering her college education to become a teacher. 


Regretting her decision of passing up on a chance she had waited her entire teenage life for, she forced her focused to teaching. Still trying to keep close to singing, she would sing at church. When she began teaching at one of the local high schools in KS, some of the students would hear her singing, prompting them to record her on Snapchat. Anytime she would set foot into a classroom, the students would refuse to do their work until she sang for them. They started calling her "The Singing Teacher" and even encouraged her to try out for the 2015 "The Voice." Not wanting to miss out on another opportunity, she flew to Atlanta, GA to audition. Devastated that she didn't make it, her students continued to encourage her to keep singing. 


After mentally hitting the lowest point of her life in 2019, she found herself sitting in a dark bathroom ready to give up on life. The desire to sing was beginning to consume her from the inside out. She knew she had to make a choice to either let her music live through her or die trying to suppress a powerful gift that was fighting her to be let out. Since that scary, but eye-opening night, CandiceJ Limitless made a promise to herself to live her life doing exactly what she knew she was created to do and there is no turning back. She is using her addictive vocals to create music that teaches, inspires and empowers a world of limitless listeners to love self, trust self and live limitless through their purpose.. This isn't regular music, this is music with purpose that has everyone talking, it's limitless!

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